Bringin Your Old PC Back To Life With MX100 Family

At start the MX100 family consists of only three capacities: 128GB, 256GB (my review version) as well as the main 512GB.

 Therefore, the business sees no need to really have a mega drive in the MX100 range, despite the fact that it’s certainly the successor of the M500. Crucial’s own M550 range at the same time although the newest range WOn’t just cause pricing issues for the rivalry, but, it must be said. The reason that Crucial can get hardcore on cost is the newest drives use the most recent Micron 16nm MLC NAND which is more affordable to make compared to NAND in both M550 and the M500. How? It is due to the procedure that is smaller. With a die shrink that allows Micron to get almost 6TB of storage per 300mm wafer compared to the merely over 4TB using the 20nm procedure, although the newest NAND is architecturally just like the businesses 20nm MLC with the same 128Gbit density. After in the drive you might be forgiven for believing that an M500 started as the PCB by error seems indistinguishable. Actually, the sole change is the NAND kind, as the ssd MX100 uses the exact same eight-station Marvell 88SS9189 control as the M550.